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Healthcare your business deserves
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Our Mission

To provide solutions for prevalent business needs and make a difference in the quality of one's healthcare journey

Our Vision

Serving our clients Accessible and
Optimal Healthcare in Asia-Pacific.

Guiding principles that underscores medically appropriate healthcare should be affordable to all,
we make our processes
“Easy to adopt, necessary to implement”

Corporate Profile

Established in 1994, Integrated Health Plans Pte Ltd (IHP) provides managed healthcare services to corporate clients ranging from SMEs to MNCs.  As a neutral third party administrator, we’re committed to providing organisations with quality medical care at highly-competitive rates regardless of business size. We do this by contracting with medical providers who are sensitive to the issue of increasing healthcare costs, negotiating significant rate concessions with these providers, undertaking utilisation reviews and analyses to manage consumption, and establishing quality assurance processes to ensure the highest standard of medical care.

Here's why IHP is the preferred choice of businesses all over Asia.

Over 1700 companies trust us with their business healthcare needs
Over 1 million claims successfully processed per year
Regional client base in more than 4 countries
We serve a full range of business sizes – from SMEs to MNCs

We believe employees are the most valuable assets of any organisation – healthy employees are naturally more productive employees, and with increased medical benefits, more loyal to your company. 

As the leading healthcare provider in Singapore with more than 20 years in the managed healthcare sector in the Asia-Pacific region, our clients depend on us to deliver quality healthcare with exceptional service. Whether it’s in Singapore, Malaysia, or Thailand or Hong Kong, we’re proud to say that we’ve always delivered on that promise. Because at IHP, we don’t just care for employees.

We care for businesses too.